Saturday, May 17, 2008

Government Services.

OK, I know the title is misleading but I am not talking about getting Medicare or welfare, I believe in personal responsibility and I will advice strongly against abusing the government programs for the poor or the elderly, it is not fair and it is now what we were supposed to do, we are in the USA to create a new life for ourselves, one that we couldn't have in our countries but that we can build her.Now, let's talk about the government services that you should take advantage:Library: I think this is one of the best services provided by local governments in the USA, libraries not only give you access to books, but they have movies, audio books, computers with internet, some have free classes and most of them have reading events for children, I think that the first thing you should do as soon as you in the USA is to check your local library and take advantage of all the services they have, who needs HBO when you have access to a library?Parks: Parks in my country are usually horrible (there are exceptions), trash all around, no grass just weeds, etc. But here the majority are very well taken care, clean, you can take your family for a day of fun in the park, have a picnic, all without spending a dime!Community centers: Many local governments have community centers that provide services for the family, which include: organizing trips, movie day, youth activities, etc. Check if you local community have one of this.Other services: Those are not the only services, there are public golf courses (a small fee is usually charged), public pools, first time home buyer programs (grants for low income families to afford buying a house), etc.These services are there for you to take advantage, please make sure that you do!